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The Energy Zones Mapping Tool currently includes the 321 Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers listed below. Over time, data layers will be added, updated, and removed. The GIS layers are compiled from a variety of sources for the purpose of screening-level analysis, and each has a limit to the scale, currency, and accuracy of the data.

Click any column header to sort on that column. Click the sign to view a short description of the data layer. Click on the metadata link in the table below to access metadata for each layer, and to learn more about the data quality and source. We make no warranty or representation, express or implied, as to the use, accuracy, or interpretation of the data accessible at this site.

Thumbnail  Title  Category  Data Source  Resource
Western Renewable Energy Zone (WREZ) Western Renewable Energy Zone (WREZ) Land Status Western Governor's Association and DOE
Wilderness Area Wilderness Area Land Status Wilderness Institute; et al
Wind Speed (m/s at 100m) Wind Speed (m/s at 100m) Climate Argonne National Laboratory Wind
Wind Speed (m/s at 80m) Wind Speed (m/s at 80m) Climate Argonne National Laboratory Wind
Wind Turbine - Existing Locations Wind Turbine - Existing Locations Utilities U.S. Geological Survey, et. al. Wind
Wind Turbine - Permit Locations Wind Turbine - Permit Locations Federal Aviation Administration Wind