The Energy Zones Mapping Tool currently includes the 362 Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers listed below. Over time, data layers will be added, updated, and removed. The GIS layers are compiled from a variety of sources for the purpose of screening-level analysis, and each has a limit to the scale, currency, and accuracy of the data.

Click any column header to sort on that column. Click the sign to view a short description of the data layer. Click on the metadata link in the table below to access metadata for each layer, and to learn more about the data quality and source. We make no warranty or representation, express or implied, as to the use, accuracy, or interpretation of the data accessible at this site.

Thumbnail  Title  Category  Data Source  Resource
100 Year Flood Zone 100 Year Flood Zone Hydrography Federal Emergency Management Agency
Active Offshore Oil and Gas Leases Active Offshore Oil and Gas Leases Land Status Bureau of Ocean Energy Mangement
Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) Communications MIT's Lincoln Laboratories; et al
Airport Airport Transportation Federal Aviation Administration
Airport Runway Airport Runway Transportation Federal Aviation Administration
Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) Communications Compiled from Multiple Sources
Alternative Fuel Station Alternative Fuel Station Transportation Alternative Fuels Data Center
Anchorage Area Anchorage Area Transportation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Appalachian Foothills Focus Area (OH) Appalachian Foothills Focus Area (OH) Ecology OH Department of Natural Resources - Division of Wildlife
Aquatic Conservation Focus Area (MT) Aquatic Conservation Focus Area (MT) Ecology MT Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
Aquatic Priority Area (TN) Aquatic Priority Area (TN) Ecology TN Wildlife Resources Agency
Aquatic Priority Conservation Area (AL) Aquatic Priority Conservation Area (AL) Ecology AL Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Aqueduct Water Risk Aqueduct Water Risk Hydrography World Resources Institute
Aqueduct Water Stress Projections Aqueduct Water Stress Projections Climate World Resources Institute
Aquifer Area Aquifer Area Hydrography U.S. Geological Survey